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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) paid-for search engine placements - also known as "paid search," "keyword bidding," or "sponsored listings" - are considered an essential part of the search engine marketing mix. Virtually all search engines offer a paid-for way in which to guarantee almost instantaneous visibility on their results pages.

It is necessary to monitor, strategize and make changes on an on-going basis to achieve the best possible campaign results. For these services we charge a program setup fee and a monthly management fee based on your monthly Ad traffic budget.

We develop online marketing strategies and implement viable PPC advertising plans with the top three search engines that would enable our Clients to increase its visibility in the marketplace and their sales.

What you need to know...

1. For each keyword or keyword phrase, the most important element of any pay-per-click program is keeping track of how much you Spend. On-line reports enable us to manage your budget daily, weekly or monthly.

2. Each Click represents another opportunity to sell your product or service.

3. The number of times your Ad has been shown is measured by Impressions. Note: advertisers only pay for Clicks not Impressions.

4. CTR% or Click Through Rate percentage is the ratio between Impressions and Clicks. CTR's over 1% are considered very good. CTR's over 5% are excellent.

5. Avg. position represents a measure of where on the search results page your Ad is displayed. Ads are displayed in various positions around the page. The best performing Ads will appear in positions 1-5.