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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Organic

Sperka International LLC is experienced in increasing the visibility of Client web sites as well as raising the positioning of search results for the major Internet search engines. We accomplish these goals through a variety of marketing assignments and web site upgrades.

Also on Yahoo, our client appeared in the #1 organic results
for the search term "tires on sale" on Sept. 29, 2009

Is your web site struggling to achieve the organic search results you had hoped for?

Are your web pages still showing up on page 28 of the natural search results?

The Google search results screen to the right was captured on
Sept. 29, 2009. It shows the results for a generic search using the keyword phrase "tires for sale". Our client's web page appear as the #2 search result in a results set of over 12 million pages.

Not sure if you read that correctly, just click on the image to see an enlargement.

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Optimizing Web Pages for Specific Keywords & Search Engines

Each search engine uses different criteria and strategies to choose which pages are included in their index. We optimize the Client's web site by tailoring the title statement, adding keyword loaded alternative text and meta statements, and optimizing the body copy to include appropriate keywords.

Search Engine Submittals

Each month new search engines, portal sites and crawlers come on-line, existing search engines change their indexing algorithms and each has its own criteria. We identify and submit Client web sites and key web pages to appropriate free search engines, portal sites and crawlers.

Affiliate Programs

Offering other web site owners the opportunity to earn commissions on referrals that generate sales and/or click-thrus, extends our Client's own marketing efforts to promote their web sites. Revenue sharing between the Client and selected authorized web site owners, where compensation is based on sales performance and/or click-thru referrals is call affiliate marketing. The merchants are typically referred to as affiliate merchants and the web site owners are referred to as affiliates.

The benefits of affiliate marketing include the potential for automating much of the advertising process (accepting & approving applications, generating unique sales links, tracking & reporting of results) and payment only for desired results (sales and/or click-thrus).

Paying only for performance shifts much of the advertising risk from the merchants to the affiliates, although merchants still assume some risk of fraud from partner sites.

Affiliate marketing has contributed to the rise of many leading online companies., one of the first significant adopters, now has hundreds of thousands of affiliate relationships.

By installing and configuring affiliate marketing software on our Client's web site, Payson Web Design is able to broaden the reach of our Client's marketing and sales efforts by enlisting other web sites to promote our Client's products or services in exchange for a commission paid for each sale or click-thru.

If your business would benefit from any of our marketing programs, please contact us for a quotation.